It’s not about us, it’s all about you.

Helping your wallet, the planet, your community—going solar can create a better world for everyone. We‘re building the world’s most energized network of customers who power their lives with sunshine. That’s our goal, and it’s pretty straightforward. We’re in it for you and for a better planet. Everyone at Zeal Engineering is working toward the same thing: helping make your community, and the global community, better through affordable residential solar power. We’re proud to be certified as a B Corporation, a further commitment that ensures we consider the environmental and social implications of everything we do.

Our Mission

Maintain legendry customer services and delivering high quality and economical products and services.

Our Vision

To become a leading service providing company valued for its performance, people and customer services.

Core Values

Enthusiasm | Trust | Innovation | Teamwork

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FACTs and Figures


Projects completed
99 %
Positive feedback
Ongoing Projects
$ 795
Cost per KW