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Zeal engineering is not just a company that install a solar system on your house rooftop. We install a cost-effective, reliable, and innovative Solar system with the best quality solar panels and solar inverter. Zeal engineering focuses on every minor detail, here we pay special attention to customer requirements, efficient design, safety insurance, quality insurance, cost-effective for the user. 

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WHO ARE zealengineering.org | Solar Energy Experts

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Best solar services under one roof

Zeal engineering is an innovative solar lighting enterprise with experts to seek inspirational new ways to light our world. They've risen to the challenge by developing solutions that comb ...

Good news for our farmers, we provide cost-effective & high-efficiency Solar Water Pumps. Directly runs from Solar Energy. Cost-effective & reliable. 

Agriculture is the bas ...

Zeal engineering Company offers complete On-grid and off-grid power solutions. With UB Solar energy solutions, you may keep the heat at night time and revel in power even once the grid goes down. w ...

Commercial Solar Electric System

Install the Zeal engineering system and convert your business to an electricity generation system. Select UB Solar Installation. After Convert to Solar Energy ...


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